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Pre cut LCD flip mod yamaha fz09 mt09
Pre cut LCD flip mod yamaha fz09 mt09
Pre cut LCD flip mod yamaha fz09 mt09

Pre-Cut LCD Flip - Yamaha MT09/FZ09

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Buy a LCD flip, get a ColorCluster at 50% off! 

The LCD flip mod, perfected. 


ColorClusterz LCD Flip is a pre-cut kit allowing for an easy installation compared to the classic DIY route. Works alone or along side the colored ColorClusterz. 

What's Included in the package: 

  • 1 x Laser cut LCD flip 
  • Instructions 


Brief instructions found below, detailed instructions included in the box

Skill level: Medium 


  • Screwdriver 
  • Allen key
  • Adhesive remover 
  • Razer blade (optional) 

Time: 20-30 minutes


  1. Remove dash from bike
  2. Remove screws holding dash casing together and open dash
  3. Peel off original LCD material and clean off residue 
  4. Lay the Pre-cut LCD on the screen
  5. Close dash, re install screws and dash to bike


  • Worldwide - local mail
  • 10-14 business days to most locationsRead COVID-19 Update
  • No tracking number (Keeps cost down for you)  


Note: This product was created from the common DIY LCD flip mod to make the Yamaha FZ/MT models look like the SP version. Please keep in mind, it is impossible to have a 100% black background like the SP version with just the film. Whether you do it DIY or with our pre-cut version, in darker settings there will be a blue/purple tint. Although, in the day time and bright conditions our pre-cut LCD flips will be 100% black. For LCD flips without the additional ColorClusterz filter please use brightness settings 3-4, for LCD flips with the additional ColorCluster filter please use max brightness settings. ColorClusterz is not responsible for any damage. Please follow instructions and no problems should arise.