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You don't have my bike on your page. Is there anyway I can do it for my bike?

- While our goal is to have every bike out there with a ColorClusterz on it, its not possible right now with our resources. Although if you have a bike and want to give it a shot let us know! We can set up an order for an uncut piece of material for you to try on your bike! Plus if it works and you can provide us with a template/information we can compensate you! 

Is this illegal in my country?
- This product does not tamper with any electronics or alter anything performance wise. We have had concerns from people in Germany wondering if it was legal to use and have sent many orders to Germany without any problems!
What do the products look like? 
- ColorClusterz - A plastic insert that slides under the screen of your dash.
- Pre cut LCD flip - A laser cut polarizer film that is laid onto your dash 
How do I install it?
- Installation takes 10-20 and instructions with pictures come in the package.
Will this affect my millage, lights or electronics?
- No, this simply is just an add on. It is an easy installation and does not affect millage, lights or any electronics. 
What is the return policy?
- Unfortunately there is no return policy for ColorClusterz, all orders are final once shipped. Although if you do have any issues with the problem please contact us so we can make it right!
What are the shipping options? Do you ship worldwide?
- Shipping is only done through local mail and shipped from Canada. This is the reason why our shipping cost is only $4 worldwide. Although because of this there will be no tracking number and will take 1-2 weeks to arrive. Some orders can take 3 weeks depending on where it is being delivered. If you want a tracking number for your order please let us know before you order so we can get a quote for you (it will most likely be more than the product....) 
What do I do if I never received my order?
- In the unlikely case this happens please let us know! We will send out another one free of charge!
How do I make changes to an order I’ve already placed?
- Please email us ASAP, we check our emails regularly and can alter your order before shipping.
Where are you located?
- Canada!