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Pre-Cut LCD Flip - Yamaha XSR 700
Pre-Cut LCD Flip - Yamaha XSR 700

Pre-Cut LCD Flip - Yamaha XSR 700

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Buy a LCD flip, get a ColorCluster at 50% off! 

The LCD flip mod, perfected. 


ColorClusterz LCD Flip is a pre-cut kit allowing for an easy installation compared to the classic DIY route. Works alone or along side the colored ColorClusterz. 

What's Included in the package: 

  • 1 x Laser cut LCD flip 
  • Instructions 


Brief instructions found below, detailed instructions included in the box

Skill level: Medium 


  • Screwdriver 
  • Allen key
  • Adhesive remover 
  • Razer blade (optional) 

Time: 20-30 minutes


  1. Remove dash from bike
  2. Remove screws holding dash casing together and open dash
  3. Peel off original LCD material and clean off residue 
  4. Lay the Pre-cut LCD on the screen
  5. Close dash, re install screws and dash to bike


  • Worldwide - local mail
  • 10-14 business days to most locations - Read COVID-19 Update
  • No tracking number (Keeps cost down for you)  


Note: This product was created from the common DIY LCD flip mod to make the Yamaha XSR 700 model look like the XSR 900 version. Please keep in mind, it is impossible to have a 100% black background like the XSR 900 version with just the film. Whether you do it DIY or with our pre-cut version, in darker settings there will be a blue/purple tint. Although, in the day time and bright conditions our pre-cut LCD flips will be 100% black. For LCD flips without the additional ColorClusterz filter please use brightness settings 3-4, for LCD flips with the additional ColorCluster filter please use max brightness settings. ColorClusterz is not responsible for any damage. Please follow instructions and no problems should arise.